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Aquabot JetMAX Jr

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At the heart of every JetMAX Junior is the patented JetDrive Propulsion System. This unique valve system enables JetMAX Junior to vacuum dirt and debris into the filter bag and out of the pool while moving around your pool using a single high output pump motor.

Key Features & Performance

Product/Pool Features:
  • » In-Ground Pools - Commercial 50' / 18m
  • » Shape: Cleans any Pool Shape / Configuration / Floor Only
  • » Surfaces: Tile, Steel, Vinyl, Aggregate
  • » Electrical Requirements: 120VAC / 60Hz
  • » Cable Length: 75' / 23m Kink Resistant Cable
  • » Hydro Robotic Propulsion
  • » Shipping Weight: 36 lbs
  • » Shipping Dimensions: 22" x 21" x 18"
  • » Power Washing Jets
  • » Turning: Adjustable Pin
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  • » Unique Scanning Pattern
  • » Adjustable Timer
  • » 2 Hour Auto Shut Off or Continuous Run
  • » Coverage: 6000 Sq./ft./Hr
Water Mixing Capability
  • » 4,500 gallons per hour
Filter Type
  • » Fine Filter Bag
  • » Bottom Loading
  • » Warranty: 2 Years (1st Year Bumper to Bumper, 2nd Year Limited)

No other commercial pool cleaner rivals this simple and efficient design. A two-way, spring loaded flapper valve is employed to direct the pump motor’s stream of water and propel the cleaner back and forth across the pool. The major benefits are very few moving parts, which cuts down on wear and tear and requires less maintenance. The JetMAX consists of three components: The Power Supply, the Floating Cable and the Vacuum Head. All are sized in proportion to the pool to be cleaned.

Lightweight & Easy to Use - Just place the JetMAX in your pool, let it sink to the bottom and turn the power on. It’s that easy!

Water and Chemical Conservation - Since the DuraMAX™ is a self-contained filter system, collected debris does not pass to your main pool filter, thereby reducing the need for main pool filter backwashing. This saves both water and chemicals.

Durable, Reliable and Serviceable - The JetMAX’s modular components and heavy duty pump motor(s) provide extended service intervals and dependable performance. Made up of few moving parts, it is easy to service and very reliable.

MGA Kit - The JetMAX can either clean on its own or you may convert it to a manual cleaner by attaching the MGA Kit. This adapter allows you to attach a pool pole and puts you in control as to where the cleaner is directed. This is perfect for spot cleaning.

Each JetMAX™ cleaner offers the following:
  • » Independently circulates, vacuums and filters
  • » VGB drain cover compatible
  • » Power washes the pool floor
  • » Internal Timer
  • » Inexpensive to operate
  • » Cleans pool floors with a slope of 45° or less