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Aquabot Duramax Duo Jr

Duramax Duo Jr.

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The DuraMax Duo Jr. commercial robot pool cleaner is maximized for durable remote cleaning for swimming pools up to 150' long. It features two high-volume pumps and two drive motors, large filtering capacity and an agile design in a smaller body. Automatically vacuums and scrubs the pool floor and waterline with a self-contained filter bag.

Key Features & Performance

Product/Pool Features:
  • » In-Ground Pools - Commercial
  • » Shape: Cleans any Pool Shape / Configuration*
  • » Surfaces: Tile, Steel, Vinyl, Aggregate
  • » Electrical Requirements: 120VAC / 60Hz
  • » Cable Length: 120' or 150' Optional
  • » Dual Drive Motors/Dual Pump Motors
  • » Shipping Weight: 75 lbs
  • » Shipping Dimensions: 35" x 20" x 20"
  • » Hydro Scrubbing - power washing jets
  • » Brush Scrubbing - direct contact
  • » Turning: Program / 4 direction remote
Printable PDF Brochure
  • » Floor & Wall or Floor Only Program
  • » Automatic timer shut-off
  • » Adjustable 1-7 hour timer/1 Hour Delay Feature
  • » Never Stuck™ system
  • » Coverage: 9,750 Sq./ft./Hr
Water Mixing Capability
  • » 9,600-10,200 gallons per hour
Filter Type
  • » Fine Bag (2 Microns)
  • » Bottom Loading
  • » Warranty: 2 Years (1st Year Bumper to Bumper, 2nd Limited)

*Due to the cleaner's large width it is typically too big to operate in "lazy river" type pool

A Cleaner Pool DuraMAX™ removes particles smaller than most primary pool filter systems. The result is a visibly cleaner pool. The roving nature of the DuraMAX™ removes debris from all areas of the pool.

Reduced Labor Costs - The DuraMAX™ operates automatically and unsupervised, freeing workers to perform other tasks.

Water and Chemical Conservation - Since the DuraMAX™ is a self-contained filter system, collected debris does not pass to your main pool filter, thereby reducing the need for main pool filter backwashing. This saves both water and chemicals.

Durable, Reliable and Serviceable - The DuraMAX™ modular components and heavy duty drive system provides extended service and dependable performance. All Aqua Products cleaners are backed by a national network of service centers

  • » Stay-Cool Power Supply - 3-Pin Female Socket / ON/OFF switch / Digital Display Low Voltage /
    3-prong plug for standard 110 Volt GFI outlet / ETL certified.
  • » UltraKart - Durable caddy for easily transporting the cleaner and its equipment.
  • » Radio Remote Control - 4 Button remote control: FORWARD / BACKWARD button to reverse direction.
    LEFT and RIGHT buttons for dual-drive turning. PROGRAM button for 1 hour Delay or Wall-cleaning mode.
  • » DeepClean™ Super Brushes - designed for any pool surface, even smooth surfaces like Tile, Vinyl,
    Fiberglass, Steel, Epoxy or Painted concrete.
  • » Beach Boy Air Sensor - Detects Zero-Depth water level like Beach Entry pools.