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Aquabot Review: Aquabot Turbo T2

Thomas Rimsey - Denver, CO

My wife and I have been pool owners for many years and always had the luxury of having kids around to help clean the pool in the summer. Eventually our kids did move away to college leaving us with the "fun" responsibility of keeping the pool clean. We did fine for awhile but soon realized how hard it was to consistently keep the pool walls clean along with constantly fighting algae that would grow everywhere if we left the pool unattended. We both decided that it was well worth the money to maybe either hire help or buy a “machine-robot” to clean it for us. We ended up buying a Polaris pool cleaner about 4 years ago. At the time, I thought it was great, though I never really understood what was and wasn’t considered great for these things. Long story short, the pump recently stopped working and I was forced to either spend a boat load of money to fix it, or shop around for another one. I did some research online to discover many people speaking highly about an Aquabot. Anyways, I ended up purchasing an Aquabot online from Before the purchase I had no idea there were like 10 different types and was kind of confused so I called to ask for some advice. When I called I was pleasantly surprised with the product knowledge and highly professional customer service and I wasn’t forced into talking to automated machines or being pressured into buying something. I ended up purchasing an Aquabot Turbo T2 and all I can say is wow! There is absolutely no comparison between my new Turbo T2 and my old Polaris clunker. The Polaris used to take up to 4-5 hours to clean the entire pool and ran off of our vacuum system which definitely didn’t help with saving energy and money. My Turbo T2 not only is much faster, but it doesn’t run on anything but a transformer box which you plug into an outlet. I am so impressed with this thing and my wife makes fun of me for wiping it down in my garage to keep its “showroom shine” look. If you’re looking for an alternative from cleaning your pool, I highly recommend you check out all of the Aquabots at They will help you out!

Aquabot Review: Aquabot Turbo T-Jet

Shirley Stanton - Charlotte, NC

I’ve never owned a pool cleaner until recently when my friend told me how much they actually are worth buying. I looked around and found way too many models to choose from. I bought from because that’s where my friend got hers and she was right when she said they are great. I’m no good at comparing things, especially when it comes to spending money, but they helped me find what I needed. I bought an Aquabot Turbo T-Jet and was told these are great because of the durability and lack of moving parts that could potentially wear out. Anyways, it’s been about 2 years and the thing works like a charm still. All I ever have to do as far as maintenance is concerned is clean the aquabot filter with a hose. I never thought it could be this easy.

Aquabot Review: Aquabot Turbo T4RC

Robert Fuller - San Diego, CA

I bought an Aquabot T4RC a month ago and am glad I did. I bought it online from under a promotion they were running. This thing has power and I love the remote control feature. The Aquabot works so well by itself that I rarely have to even use the remote, but it’s still nice to have though. Overall, I’m really satisfied with the speed of this thing.

Aquabot Review: Aquabot Turbo T

Courtney Stevens Austin, TX

I hate going on vacation and coming back to find my pool needing attention, especially with algae. I went to the pool cleaning store to ask for some advice on cleaning options. They mentioned the Aquabot and said they could get it for $1000. I did some shopping online and found out they make many more models than what te store had and so I actually got a fairly nicer and newer model than I would have otherwise. Now when I go on vacation, I never have to worry about a dirty pool upon my return.

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