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Aquabot Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of our most frequently asked questions. It’s important to note that many of the answers vary by type of product purchased. In those cases we recommend referencing the specific product manual for your product.

» How often should I use the aquabot to clean my pool?

The Aquabot can be used as often as necessary. We suggest a few times a week. Pool owners are amazed at how clean the pool stays with the Aquabot.

» What kind of assembly or setup does the Aquabot require?

No installation is required. All you have to do is plug the Aquabot into a power outlet. The aquabot is totally separate from your pools filtration system. No extra pumps or hoses needed.

» What type of pool shape, size and surfaces do the Aquabots work on?

The aquabot works on all residential size, shape and surface pools. Call our sales desk to get help determining which Aquabot model will work best for your particular pool.

» Can I swim in my pool while the Aquabot is cleaning the pool?

The manufacturer suggests that you DO NOT use the Aquabot while swimming.

» What is the warranty on the Aquabot?

The warranty varies by model. All the warranties cover defects in workmanship and materials by the manufacturer.

» Why do the Aquabots cost more than other pool cleaners?

The Aquabot is the top of the line pool cleaner on the market. It has been produced for more than 25 years and there has been a staggering amount of research and engineering put into each Aquabot. We only use the highest-quality materials to produce the finest pool cleaner you can buy. For these reasons the cost of an authentic Aquabot is slightly higher than knock-off brands. You will not find a better all in one pool cleaning unit for the price.

» Where can I get my Aquabot serviced?

Please call us and we will refer you to a nationwide network of service centers that can help you.

» What is the life expectancy of the Aquabot?

The Aquabot will last up to 10 to 15 years or longer with the proper care and service. The Aquabot is modular so parts that need to be replaced can be done so by the pool owner.

» How do I clean the filtration bag?

The Aquabot filtration bag is reusable and can be washed out by rinsing it with a hose or in a bucket of water. The filtration bag is also machine washable.

» Power Supply LED lights are blinking:
  • Check if the power supply is on with the unit out of the water
  • Check if filter bag is full
  • To restart, press the power button once. Cleaning program will resume from where it left off

» My unit does not turn on:
  • Make sure unit is plugged into the power supply and the power supply is plugged into a grounded GFI outlet
  • Check if outlet has power
  • Make sure cable plug fits tightly into the power supply
  • Check cable for cuts or damage
  • Make sure to press the on button firmly

» Unit pumps water but does not move:
  • Remove any foreign matter that may be obstructing the forward / reverse motion
  • On specific units check drive belts and tracks
  • Check to see if suction ports are clogged
  • Make sure filter bags or baskets are clean

» What is the proper way to remove the cleaner from the water?

Pull GENTLY on the cord when the robotic pool cleaner is by the wall in the shallow end, when handle is accessible grab it to remove from the water. Never tug on the cord or remove the robotic pool cleaner from water by the cord.

» My robotic pool cleaner is moving but it is not pumping water, why?

Check the impeller by removing the outlet top. Most likely the impeller is clogged with hair or lint or some other debris that is causing it to stick.

» My machine is not working, where is the nearest service center?

Simply go to our Service Center locator under the Support tab to locate the closest center to your location

» Unit does not climbs the walls or cover the entire pool
  • Make sure unit purchased was indeed designed to climb walls – some units are designed for bottom cleaning only
  • See product specific owner manuals to ensure correct tips as they they vary greatly by unit:
  • Possible options:
  • Change pool option from small to large on the power supply
  • Make sure flotation cable reaches all area of the pool
  • Install optional Flotation – see manual
  • Clean filter bag

» Unit does not pick up debris:
  • Remove the outlet top and clean all debris from impellor. (See manual instructions)
  • Check to see if bag or filter basket is thoroughly clean (See manual for instructions)
  • Make sure intake valve is free and clean

» Debris comes out of the unit when removing unit from pool
  • Make sure filter bag is in place properly.
  • Make sure intake valves on the under side of your unit moves freely

» Should I take my cleaner out of the pool once it is finished with the cycle?

The robotic pool cleaner should stay in the water at least 20 minutes after running to allow it to cool down before it is removed from the water.