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Ultra Max

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This wide body design from Aqua Products is an ideal cleaner for large commercial pools up to 100’ with over 9,307 SF coverage per hour and up to 9,960 GPH of cleaning power. The classic UltraMAX features remote control technology, air sensor, 120’ cable and a continuous clean timer. Also included is the UltraKart caddy for easily transporting the cleaner and its equipment

Key Features & Performance

Product/Pool Features:
  • » In-Ground Pools - Commercial
  • » Shape: Cleans any Pool Shape / Configuration
  • » Surfaces: Tile, Steel, Vinyl, Aggregate
  • » Remote Control: Included
  • » Zero Entry Air Sensor
  • » Electrical Requirements: 120VAC / 60Hz
  • » Cable Length: 120' / 36m Kink Resistant Cable
  • » Aqualogic
  • » Weight: 93 lbs
  • » Dimensions: 35" x 20.5" x 20.5"
  • » Large Suction Inlets & Debris Vacuum
  • » PVC /PVA Optional
  • » Unique Scanning Pattern
  • » Never Stuck™ System
  • » Automatic timer shut-off
  • » Includes Ultra Kart
  • » Digital Display
  • » Coverage: 9307 Sq./ft./Hr
Water Mixing Capability
  • » 9,960 gallons per hour
Filter Type
  • » Filter Bag
  • » Bottom Loading
  • » Warranty: 2 Year Limited

No other commercial pool cleaner rivals this simple and efficient design. The major benefits are very few moving parts, which cuts down on wear and tear and requires less maintenance. The UltraMAX™ consists of three components: The Power Supply, the Floating Cable and the Vacuum Robot. All are sized in proportion to the pool to be cleaned.

Lightweight & Easy to Use - Just place the UltraMAX™ in your pool, let it sink to the bottom and turn the power on. It’s that easy!

Water and Chemical Conservation - Since the UltraMAX™ is a self-contained filter system, collected debris does not pass to your main pool filter, thereby reducing the need for main pool filter backwashing. This saves both water and chemicals.

Each UltraMAX™ cleaner offers the following:
  • » Independently circulates, vacuums and filters
  • » Internal Timer
  • » Inexpensive to operate